Healthy Food for Healthy Life

Everybody wants to live a healthy and happy life and a major role in this is the food that we choose to eat.So here I will present few advantages of eating healthy

The first and most important thing when you eat healthy is losing weight and this will help you be more protected against several diseases that can have if you are over weight.Most common diseases are the ones that affect the hart  and almost 30% of the persons in United States suffer from a form of heart disease.80 % of these can be avoided by maintaining a healthy way of eating.

Another strong point in eating healthy is the fact that it will help you have a good mood.Researchers found out that there is a close relationship between the way we eat and the way we feel mentally.

Another good thing about eating healthy is that your brain will be protected and you will have a better memory and great capacity to work .Also healthy food helps you protect the brain against problems that can appear during our senior years.

Last but not least from the string of benefits of healthy food is the quality of sleep and as we all know sleep is very important for the body and helps all the organs to reboot and keeps them healthier longer


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